Full Compass Welcomes German Light Products

The professional lighting space is constantly changing and advancing, with new and more efficient ways to set the mood on stage or to awe an audience. For 25 years, GLP has been on the leading edge of that movement, so we’re thrilled to add their products to our lineup, and to bring our customers the very latest in lighting solutions.

Innovative Products for a Powerful impression

The GLP impression FR10 Bar uses a larger size output aperture, as used in the impression FR1 giving a new look from a familiar style.

“GLP is an exciting, well-known brand in the professional lighting industry,” says Chris Tso, VP of Merchandising, Marketing, and Product Information Management at Full Compass. “Their high-quality products have a wide reach in the production world, including House of Worship, Live Event, and Touring Production. The impression, Fusion, and KNV line of fixtures will help provide dazzling solutions for our customers. ”

A company of firsts, the impression series is what put GLP on the map. Working closely with LDs around the world, founder Udo Künzler strived for an even beam, smooth dimming, and a flicker-free-for-broadcast design, giving GLP the first professional-grade LED wash light. And in 2010, the impression Spot One gave GLP the first high output RGB LED spot fixture, too.

GLP impression X4 Bar 20We’re proud to present the modern incarnation of the impression series, including the X4 Bar. It’s a high-performance batten that uses tightly packed 15 Watt RGBW LEDs to give a full line of light with a broad pallet of pastel and saturated colors.


Lighting the Largest Shows in the World

Avicii honoured in tribute concert in Stockholm
Avicii honored in a tribute concert in Stockholm.

Avicii was one of the most prolific songwriters and producers in contemporary pop music, and after his tragic passing in 2018, GLP was asked to supply the lights for a tribute concert in Stockholm. 60,000 fans (a single-show record in Stockholm) celebrated his legacy underneath a mesmerizing design.

Impression FR10 Bar
GLP Impression FR10 Bar

The FR10 Bar was one of the workhorses of that show. Its ten 60 Watt RGBW LED sources each provide a smooth, punchy output from a homogenized Fresnel lens.

How GLP Can Help Your Space Shine

GLP’s new theatre-version impression X4 hits London’s Ambassadors Theatre. Howard Hudson uses RGBY light for skin tone realism on the adaptation of Adrian Mole, developing a heightened visual language

Now that you’ve seen what GLP can do on a big stage, we’ll show you how their fixtures scale down for a wide variety of venues and applications.


The X4 Atom Head can be used virtually anywhere. Its small body fits in the tightest spaces, yet its high output quad-color LED source is the same one used in much larger fixtures. And with an IP65 rating, you can use it indoors or out all year round. It’s excellent for tv & film, corporate events, set lighting, touring stages, and truss systems. GLP has designed the ultimate light in terms of versatility.

Snap Cable Mgmt Clip
SNAP! Cable Management Clip

Attain professional-grade cable management with SNAP! It attaches to any standard 2-inch truss and allows cables of all sizes to be fed through its loop. This award-winning, durable, reusable clip may just become an industry standard.

A Brilliant Legacy, A Bright Future

Live TV-premiere of GLP’s KNV rings at Eurovision, May 2018.

GLP recently celebrated 25 years in the business, and are only getting bigger, with the recent acquisition of lighting company, Fusion, and the opening of offices in LA, Hong Kong, the UK, and Sweden. Enormous rigs full of GLP products are being used to light shows on the biggest stages of the world like the Grand Ole Opry and Coachella. Yet most of their products find their way into the Houses of Worship, live events, and touring productions near you.

GLP’s Impression X4 XL upgrade adds bite to the Dracula Ballet. David Grill maintains lighting consistency with the brighter X4 XL cutting through conventional units like a fang ‍ in Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City

If your stage lighting could use a little pizzaz (or a lot) call a Full Compass Sales Pro at 800-356-5844. We’ll be happy to help you pick out the right GLP products for your space or application.


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