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If you are looking for a festive way to reward your employees, donors, or customers, a Halloween party is a great idea. This increasingly-popular holiday has no religious affiliation, and can be approached from numerous angles ranging from sweet to scary. Read More

Lighting is essential to any Halloween party, as it has a huge influence on the look and atmosphere of your space. Whether you are planning a huge corporate celebration for the first time, or just want to amp up your home haunted house, you must carefully consider your lighting choices. Read More

If you think carefully about many of the memorable moments in your life, from experiencing incredible performances to sharing intimate celebrations, lighting probably played a big role. Lighting has the power to do everything from highlighting an impressive action or object, to creating a mood, to hiding the flaws in a room. Because it is so powerful, many performers and venues are well served by investing in pro stage lighting. Read More

When you think of stage lighting for bands, the first thing that comes to mind is arena-sized shows with elaborate professional displays run through giant complex controllers. Stage lighting for bands does not have to be limited to complicated (and expensive) displays. Recent advances in lighting technology have made it possible for even local clubs and touring bands to set themselves apart (and give audiences an amazing experience) with unique lighting. Read More

Our expectations are defined by the reliability, performance, and ease of use of wired microphones. That’s actually an ambitious target. It takes very sophisticated technology to get us as close as possible. But, that’s not all. As users, we need to step beyond the familiar realm of audio and be comfortable with RF concepts.

We live in an increasingly saturated RF world. Two-way radios, broadcast, navigation, cellular, WiFI, garage openers, toys, video signage, IEMs, computers, wireless intercom, listening assistance, video walls, drone cams, security, digital signage … we have to work smart to deal with it.

It’s only going to get worse.

Full Compass’ Kevin Peckham gave this 30 minute presentation on the subject at the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo 2016 in Louisville, KY.

Lighting does not get enough credit – your audience probably doesn’t pay any attention to it, yet it is a significant factor in creating a memorable atmosphere that is essential to a successful event or performance. It’s a huge part of your event or stage design, whether you are putting on a church service or a heavy metal concert. Read More

If you have been to a big concert, theater production, or high end club recently, you have probably seen intelligent lighting in action. Intelligent lighting, also known as automated lighting, moving lights, or movers, refers to stage or party lights that can move in complex, dynamic ways. They are used in many situations, from romantic weddings to creepy haunted houses. These powerful lighting systems can create dramatic moods that can be changed almost instantly, often with less equipment than was needed to create similar effects in the past. Read More

From Jimi Hendrix to Sonic Youth, feedback has been used as a powerful musical tool, but most of us want to avoid it whenever possible, particularly in professional settings. Here’s some information to help you understand how feedback happens, and how to prevent it. Read More

You have invested a lot of time into assembling and tuning a drum kit that sounds exactly the way you want it, but when you mic up at a venue or in the studio, it just doesn’t sound right. To avoid this situation, many drummers bring their own mics to gigs or recording session, since when you have your own microphones, you know that you will consistently get a sound that you like. Read More

There is no single best AV set up for a house of worship, as every room layout (and every budget, and every set of goals) is different. Today, many congregations want to be able to do multi camera recording, host many types of musicians and performers, offer online streaming, and integrate videos during services or events. Many of these are complex processes that require multiple tools, and staff who is trained to use them. Read More

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