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Now that the dust has settled from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are you still searching for Holiday gifts, or maybe just a stocking stuffer or two? We have useful, creative gift ideas for guitarists, drummers and DJs, plus ideas to equip your home recording studio and more. Here is our guide to smaller gifts for the musician or music lover in your life. Read More

Don’t battle the crowds this weekend! Relax at home and check out our exclusive Black Friday deals that can take you from the basement home studio to the hottest stage. Here are our top featured offers for home studios and live performances. Read More

Don’t get trampled for a toaster or flattened fighting over a flat-screen TV – relax at home and check out our exclusive Black Friday deals that can take you from the outdoor drum circle to the basement home studio. Here are our top featured offers for guitarists, drummers and percussionists, recording and live performances. Read More

In a relatively short period of time, digital cameras have gone from being elite, esoteric and expensive tools to widely used, inexpensive devices with almost endless options. Choosing the right camera for your needs and goals can be confusing, so we pulled together our top choices for POV, DSLR and affordable digital cameras. Whether you have a budding artist, intrepid traveler, energetic entrepreneur or a wild adventurer on your shopping list, we can help you find the right camera. Read More

In 1940s southern California, Leo Fender created a simple solid-body electric guitar design that would eventually become the famous Telecaster® guitar. He went on to invent the Precision Bass guitar, the first non-acoustic bass guitar. Together, these two instruments helped to create the modern rock and roll band, and changed music forever. However, Leo Fender was building amplifiers long before he made his first guitar. Amplifiers made by Fender have been used by musicians ranging from Kurt Cobain to Eddie Van Halen, and continue to be both collectibles and workhorse tools for musicians at all levels, all over the world. Read More

A basic home studio for recording and mixing only needs five components: a computer, DAW software, an audio interface, microphones and studio monitors. Here is our guide to a few of the best products in each of these categories, including affordable options for students and beginners. Read More

If you have a drummer in your life, you may think it is impossible to get them a valuable gift without spending thousands – and alienating their neighbors. However, there are tons of instruments and accessories that make great gifts. Many of them are affordable, and some are even relatively quiet. Here are our best gift ideas (including several exclusive packages and one-of-a-kind items) for the little drummer boy – or girl – on your shopping list. Read More

A PA, or Public Address system, amplifies sound so more people can hear something. Most performers use some type of PA system, whether they are in a church basement or headlining Coachella. But what should you do if you want to be more mobile, and enjoy greater control over your sound? That’s where portable PA systems come in. Read More

Professional lighting has the power to make a huge impact, whether it is being used as a part of a high-energy live performance or a precise still photo shoot. The actual lights that you use are obviously important, but they can’t do much on their own without an operator who has access to the right tools. Here are our top products that expand and transform what you can do with your professional lighting (and how easily you can do it). Read More

Lighting is essential to developing a mood, whether you are a high-energy DJ, or want to create any effect from exciting to scary. From wash lights to spot and black lights, there are many options available to help you generate the impact you are looking for. Read More

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