USITT… what a show!

The booth was set up, finishing touches done. The exhibitors’ energy buzzed with excitement, waiting for the doors to open on the 2017 USITT Stage Expo. This annual conference is one of the only in the country where theater and live entertainment meet, drawing practitioners from all corners of the performing arts.

Full Compass showcased some of the newest and most exciting lighting, audio and projection gear for hundreds of recruiters, costume designers, manufacturers and technicians from across the US. Because we strive to be the market-leader in customer service and quality gear, your priorities become ours. We track down the latest in technology, while our category specialists become familiar with the gear. If we find something that will change the game—we bring it to you.

Of course, our sales people also prefer the hands-on training and demos a live expo provides. Because many are artists themselves, they crave this new knowledge, and want to be able to share it with you.

Call a Sales Pro today at 800-356-5844 to make sure you’re Equipped by Full Compass for your next project.

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