Wireless Microphone Usage in a Crowded Spectrum

Our expectations are defined by the reliability, performance, and ease of use of wired microphones. That’s actually an ambitious target. It takes very sophisticated technology to get us as close as possible. But, that’s not all. As users, we need to step beyond the familiar realm of audio and be comfortable with RF concepts.

We live in an increasingly saturated RF world. Two-way radios, broadcast, navigation, cellular, WiFI, garage openers, toys, video signage, IEMs, computers, wireless intercom, listening assistance, video walls, drone cams, security, digital signage … we have to work smart to deal with it.

It’s only going to get worse.

Full Compass’ Kevin Peckham gave this 30 minute presentation on the subject at the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo 2016 in Louisville, KY.

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