Electrical Power Distribution for Emergency Response Centers

Because the current virus pandemic is wreaking havoc world-wide, community resources are overwhelmed—and the demand for staff, supplies, and medical facilities is stretching services to the limit. To combat this, cities and townships are mobilizing additional resources as quickly as possible. This level of mobilization places unusual demands on supplying power for buildings serving as shelters, medical facilities, and outreach centers, as well as expansions to accommodate social distancing.

It’s difficult enough for existing facilities to handle the increased load, but to create temporary resources out of essentially nothing is even more difficult. In many (if not most) cases, this mobilization starts with the need for increased power.


Before distributing or tapping into power to increase your capabilities, it’s essential to have a licensed electrician know your electrical services’ exact capacity and specifications. A licensed electrician is needed to inspect and approve all power distribution and modifications. Even in emergencies, conforming to local codes is important.

Every venue has different power types and distribution. Installed power in the U.S.A. is likely to be 110V or 220V service. Larger, commercial buildings typically have integrated three-phase power, with various services located throughout the building. Venues designed for performance (such as auditoriums and theaters) often have high-voltage fixed distribution boxes; these act as electrical services for the stage or performing space.

Determining your needs is crucial to determine the safest and most stable solutions for your venue. Are you preparing a shelter, which will require sleeping arrangements and outlets for many individuals? Are you working with local authorities to prepare a medical facility that will need to provide constant, uninterruptible power to emergency medical equipment? Perhaps you’re running an outreach center, with public address and lighting running concurrently. Fortunately, there are straightforward solutions for each of these scenarios.


Power conditioners provide multiple output receptacles with surge protectors, which avoid equipment damage caused by unexpected power surges. This is highly recommended when working with delicate equipment, such as computers and medical devices. Power conditioners are available for all needs and budgets.

Furman M-8X AR

15A Voltage Regulator


SurgeX SX-1120-RT

8-Outlet Surge Eliminator And Power Conditioner With Remote, 1 Rack Unit, 20A




For mobile power distribution, Bento Boxes are a trusted standard that’s known for dependability and flexibility. Available in a variety of sizes, and with multiple connection options, these “breakout” units usually provide mounted circuit breakers for easy circuit resetting. They also prioritize heavy-duty construction, for protection against falls and other environmental hazards.

Lex BNB2-3B

30A Bento Box With L21-30 Inlet And Feed Thru, (3) 5-20 Duplex Receptacles




Whirlwind PL2-213023E6P00

Power Link PL2 Stringer With L2130 Chassis Inlet, 3 Duplex O


Breakout Cables & E-Strings are proven cable solutions for quickly supplying power outlets to hard-to-reach places. These heavy-duty cables can withstand foot traffic and wear-and-tear, which makes them ideal for distributing accessible power to anything from temporary offices to sub-stations and bedsides. To accommodate changing needs, E-Strings come in a variety of sizes.

Lex 50123B

25′ 15A Black E-String With 3 NEMA 5-15 Receptacles


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Modern problems require modern solutions, and you may need unique solutions to help adapt to your environment. Fortunately, custom power distribution systems can be designed easily, and over the phone.


(Shown: Whirlwind custom power distribution in rolling rack, UL listed.)

Full Compass offers a wide range of products to distribute power where you need it. We’re here to answer questions and propose solutions that best suit your needs. To connect to your personal Full Compass Professional, call 800-356-5844 (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:30pm Central time).


It’s of utmost importance to proceed safely and with forethought. Always ensure that any modifications made to your power infrastructure are done in accordance with all electrical safety specifications and performed by a licensed electrician/engineer. If you are not a licensed electrician or engineer, do not attempt to modify a venue’s structural power or service.

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