House of Worship Projector Solutions from Optoma

Projection technology from Optoma enhances the faithful message with clear and bright imagery, holding the attention of the entire congregation – from the front pew to the back row. Imagine everyone in the house viewing the action clearly and vividly, for a more powerful and memorable experience. Your service comes alive with advanced projectors and displays from Optoma.

Up until recently, the expense for pro-quality projection systems was prohibitive to all but the largest houses of worship, but advances in laser projection, interactive technology, processing speed, and lighting itself have brought many of these products within reach of venues of all sizes.

Seeing is Believing

If you have a choir and/or band, wouldn’t it be great to see them up close in real-time? You might record a memorable visual performance and offer it to your congregants later. Perhaps they’d like to view a particular sermon again? Family and School events, fairs, seminars—any media event that is captured can be streamed through superior quality Optoma products for mass or remote viewing.

Our Most Popular Optoma Products for Houses of Worship

Optoma combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver remarkable visual display products designed to connect audiences with engaging video and audio experiences.

All the compact and light-weight projectors operate quietly, making them ideal for houses of worship where quiet operation is required. The devices are engineered to provide thousands of hours of low-cost and virtually maintenance-free operation. Most feature convenient new technologies like vertical lens shift which simplifies installations by shifting the image up and down making it easier to position the projector in a room.

Projector Solutions for Small to Medium Houses of Worship

1-Optoma W318STW318ST ($649): Perfect for small to medium rooms. Don’t let the confines of a small space challenge your projection efforts – utilize the W318ST short throw projector from Optoma. With 3500 lumens of WXGA projection and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, the W318ST’s 0.52:1 short throw ratio projects large, 80-inch images from several feet away. Full 3D enhances realism brings stunning, life-like immersion.  The W318ST features a lamp life up to 10,000 hours, providing many years of use with minimal maintenance.

X515 6500 Lumens XGA DLP Projector ($1,259): This complete projector will shine with2.Optoma X515 6,500 lumens of brightness in places of worship. Zoom up to 1.8x, and manage the image vertical, horizontal, and keystone settings with quick and easy-to-use- controls; setup is done and you’re ready to present in minutes. Energy-saving features like stand-by mode and auto- power off will help you save time and money, and keep this projector running even longer.

Projector Solutions for Medium and Large Houses of Worship

OPTOMA 506 Series Laser Projectors: The entire ProScene 506 series of laser projectors by Optoma feature great image quality in a compact and lightweight design while delivering accurate color reproduction to enhance any medium to large-sized venue.

3_Optoma ZW506-WZW506-W  5,200 Lumens ProScene WXGA Laser Projector ($1999): Brighten any room with stunning, razor-sharp WXGA projection with Optoma’s ProScene ZW506-W 5,200 lumen projector. Connect to high-quality 4K HDR digital video or legacy analog video sources easily with HDM, HDBaseT and VGA inputs. The ZW506-W eliminates lamp and filter replacements for up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use.

4_Optoma ZU506-W ZU506-W  5,000 Lumens WUXGA Professional Installation Laser Projector ($2399): Compact in size, but large in brightness the Optoma ProScene ZU506-W delivers WUXGA visuals that will engage audiences in a variety of settings. Using a laser light source that produces 5,000 lumens of brightness, this projector’s laser light source eliminates lamp and filter replacements for up to 30,000 hours. HDMI and VGA inputs provide connectivity to high-quality 4K HDR digital video.

5_Optoma ZH506TZH506T 5,000 Lumens ProScene 1080p Laser Projector With HDBaseT ($2499): available in black or white, the ZH506T 1080p Installation Laser projector can brighten any room with remarkable, razor-sharp 1080p projection. Easily connect to high-quality 4K HDR digital video or legacy analog video sources easily with HDM, HDBaseT and VGA inputs. Eliminate lamp and filter replacements for up to 20,000 hours of 5000 lumens. This compact, low weight projector operates quietly, making it ideal for houses of worship.  

6_Optoma ZU506TZU506T 5,000 Lumens ProScene WUXGA Laser Projector with HDBaseT ($2799): Engage audiences with beautiful WUXGA visuals and 5,000 crystal clear lumens projected from Optoma’s ProScene ZU506T. The ZU506T eliminates lamp and filter replacements for up to 20,000 hours. Installation and set up are flexible with vertical lens shift, Optoma’s own corner correction technology, 360° and portrait mode. This compact, low weight projector operates quietly.

6_Optoma ZH420UST-BZH420UST-B ($2799): With Optoma’s ZH420UST Ultra Short Throw Laser projector, you now have the ability to produce spectacular 100” Full HD 1080p images from only 12” away. Add in built-in edge blending and warping adjustments, and that makes this projector ideal for space-constrained environments. The ZH420UST comes with 4,000 lumen laser-phosphor technology for stunning images with up to 20,000 hours of life from the light source.

Optoma WU515TSTWU515TST ($2699): The Optoma ProScene WU515TST is a short throw projector that is engineered for the demanding needs of professional installations DLP technology empowers the Optoma WU515TST with accurate colors, excellent contrast and superb reliability. The 5,500 lumens of brightness projects WUXGA resolution images.

OPTOMA 4K UHD Projector Solutions for Large Venues

For larger venues, the Optoma ProScene ZK1050 and ZK750 deliver incredible brightness, stunning 4K UHD image quality and multiple built-in installation features. They provide maximum flexibility and powerful performance.

7_Optoma ZK750ZK750 (call for our price!): Optoma’s ProScene ZK750 is a 7,500 lumens 4K UHD installation laser projector with interchangeable lens capability. DuraCore technology ensures reliable, virtually maintenance-free operation with an IP6X-certified optical engine and up to 30,000 hours of laser light source life, providing lower total cost of ownership. The interchangeable capability of this laser projector gives you a variety of premium lens options.

8_Optoma ZK1050ZK1050 (call for our price!): Perfect for large venues, the ProScene ZK1050 is one of Optoma’s flagship 4K UHD laser projectors featuring 10,000 lumens of brightness, to deliver incredible brightness, stunning 4K UHD image quality and multiple built-in installation features to provide maximum flexibility and powerful performance for a range of professional environments.

Projector Central Best in Show InfoComm        AV Technology Best in Show
Compatible with multiple interchangeable lens options with various throw distances, this projector offers impressive throw ratio coverage to provide installation flexibility. The Optoma ZK1050 is equipped with built-in edge blending and warping, four corner and keystone correction along with DuraCore technology that ensures reliable, virtually maintenance-free operation with an IP6X-certified optical engine and up to 30,000 hours of laser light source life; providing lower total cost of ownership.

Optimized 130-inch All-in-One QUAD LED Display

Winner of multiple awards, the Optoma FHDQ130 QUAD LED Display shown with optional stand.


  • WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: Smooth screen surface and 170° wide viewing angle with robust 4-in-1 SMD LED
  • SIMPLE SETUP: 3-step installation process that takes hours instead of days
  • OPTIMIZED IMAGE: Stunning out-of-the-box image quality with 1.5mm pixel pitch and pre-calibration
  • SMARTPHONE CONTROL: Easy control and configuration via Control Q app for mobile devices
  • QUAD PIXEL TECHNOLOGY: Unique quad pixel design with advanced contrast boosting for darker black levels and brighter whites
  • INTEGRATED SCALER: HQUltra 4K image processing technology delivers lightning-fast switching and sharp scaling

Experience stunning, larger-than-life visuals with the 130-inch Optoma FHDQ130 1080p LED display. Employing a unique packaging process, the all-in-one LED display easily installs in three steps, bringing a beautiful large format display in hours, not days.

9_Optoma ZU850ZU850 8,000 Lumens WUXGA DLP Laser Projector (call for our price!): Optoma ZU850 delivers vibrant colors and more consistent brightness, along with high resolution and contrast for stunning quality images. The ZU850 also offers an array of advanced connectivity options including HDMI, DVI-D, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI. Every aspect of the ZU850 has been carefully designed and built to suit the requirements of even the most complex professional installation, representing the ultimate in professional image projection.

You can see why we’re excited to offer these amazing products to our House of Worship customers. We at Full Compass feel these items offer tremendous value and performance. Click here or call 800-356-5844 to speak to a Full Compass Sales Pro about meeting your projector needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

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