Full Compass Welcomes Meyer Sound Laboratories

Full Compass is proud to announce that we are an authorized dealer of Meyer Sound Laboratories. Meyer Sound was established in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer, leaders and legends in the live sound reinforcement business. Their history is one that changed the face of the live sound industry.

A Partnership Forged for Audio Professionals

Meyer Sound designs and manufactures high-quality sound systems that include self-powered sound reinforcement loudspeakers, digital audio systems, passive and active acoustic systems, cinema sound systems, and sound measurement tools for the professional audio industry—making them a perfect fit for the professional market that Full Compass serves.

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The list of Meyer Sound installations continues to grow in theaters, houses of worship, concert venues, stadiums and more. This partnership gives our customers in these areas—and indeed any business that requires superior and focused sound reinforcement—access to premier technology that will better equip them for success.

Legends and Leaders in Live Sound

If you’re wondering what makes the Meyer Sound name so iconic, here are just some of the milestones that earned Meyer Sound their status as legends and current industry leaders.

  • 1979, ACD studio monitor, the first loudspeaker to use a dedicated processor to provide crossover, amplitude, phase correction, and driver protection
  • 1979, UM-1 UltraMonitor floor speaker with a patented horn design reducing distortion by a factor of ten
  • 1980, UPA-1: the first patented trapezoidal design speaker for curved arrays
  • 1981, MSL-10 high-level speakers introduced for large scale arrays
  • 1984, Source Independent Measurement, (SIM) system introduced allowing PA operators to use music itself as a test source for the first time, enabling continuous sound system correction over the course of a performance. 1986 TEC Award
  • 1989, HD-1, fully integrated self-powered studio monitor, 1990 TEC Award
  • 1995, MSL-4, the first self-powered loudspeaker for high-level sound reinforcement
  • 2008, the USITT presented Meyer Sound founders John and Helen Meyer with the Harold Burris-Meyer ‘Distinguished Career in Sound Design’ Award.
  • 2014, John Meyer inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame
  • 2018, John Meyer presented the 39th Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture at AES New York
  • 2019, SIM II inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame
  • 2019, ULTRA-X40 loudspeaker introduced, the first in a new generation of point source loudspeakers
  • 2019, Meyer Sound wins AV Magazine’s AV Award for “Manufacturer of the Year”

John and Helen Meyer’s unparalleled reputation for innovation continues to this day after 40 years. With over 100 patents and a staggering list of industry and engineering awards, Meyer Sound systems are the result of engineering research that considers all elements, from the audio source to how humans hear.

Why Meyers Sound Matters for Your Business

You can see why we’re excited to have Meyer Sound products available at Full Compass. For more information about improving the sound in your venue with this state-of-the-art, game-changing technology, call a Full Compass Sales Pro at 800-356-5844. We look forward to helping you get Meyer Sound in your mix.

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Meyer Sound continually strives to elevate the overall dialogue about sound and bring greater awareness to the importance of how we hear and listen. A collaborative, results-focused approach to sound solutions drives a company philosophy where creative thinking, old- fashioned craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial technology are strongly intertwined. Tours for top-grossing artists and respected concert and entertainment venues rely on Meyer Sound, as do houses of worship, cinemas, restaurants, universities, corporate offices, and museums. With field offices and authorized distributors worldwide, Meyer Sound designs and manufactures all products at its Berkeley, California headquarters, allowing for rigorous quality control and testing, and starting in 2018, all products are covered by a five-year warranty. Meyer Sound is a registered trademark of Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

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