Klang Technologies 3D In-Ear Mixing

A new era of live mixing is here, complete with intuitive mobile control.

In-ear monitoring has become the standard on worship stages of every size, and even though there are still uses for floor wedges and other monitoring speakers, it’s clear that in-ear monitoring is the wave of the future. With that in mind, Klang has brought to market an astounding new way to maximize the efficacy of in-ear monitors—3D In-Ear Mixing—and with it the ability to present musicians with their perfect mix, without the stereo limitations of traditional monitoring. And best of all, Klang’s 3D-Sound products work with your existing in-ear monitors!

As it should be, music has become the centerpiece to so many church services today. That’s why it’s imperative that performances deliver the passion they strive for. And the best way to achieve that is by having absolute control over your mix. That’s where 3D In-Ear Mixing comes in. This innovative new system uses binaural technology to deliver a three-dimensional mix through your in-ear monitors. By allowing full control over each element of a mix, each musician in your band can have a sonically and spatially perfect mix.

Klang Blog Figure 1
KLANG:fabrik—3D mixes for up to 16 musicians

The heart of the Klang system is the KLANG:fabrik, a 19” digital 3D audio mixing system. The KLANG:fabrik can create individual 3D mixes for up to 16 musicians, simultaneously, meaning even the largest church ensembles can be covered. With plenty of flexible connectivity (including 128 MADI inputs/64 outputs, 64 Dante inputs/64 outputs, and 32 ADAT-compatible inputs/32 outputs), the KLANG:fabrik incorporates with everything from pro-grade mixing boards to nearly every kind of stage setup. For smaller performance groups, the KLANG:vier offers individual 3D mixes for up to 5 musicians.

Klang Blog Figure 2
KLANG:fabrik connection example
Klang Blog Figure 3
KLANG:app—brains and brawn!

If the heart of the Klang system is the KLANG:fabrik, then naturally the brain is the KLANG:app. Available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, this super-intuitive remote control for the KLANG:fabrik makes harnessing the power of this technology as easy as a swipe of your finger, as you lay out each element of the mix in real time, right where you want it. Save different artist profiles and set lists to easily recall mixes for different bands, ensuring stellar performances from each and every musician who takes the stage. It also makes for smooth transitions from one group of performers to the next, keeping the music on track without awkward and distracting interruptions that break up the flow of a good service.

Klang Blog Figure 4

Klang systems are easy to expand with the KLANG:quelle 19” 8-channel Dante XLR line-level breakout box and KLANG:quelle 4-channel Dante network headphone amp. The 19” model delivers an additional 4 stereo reference headphone outputs for demanding studio environments, allowing you to take 3D mixing into the recording realm. It offers premium converters and reliable, latency-free performance not for any applications where headphone monitoring is needed.

Klang Blog Figure 5

KLANG:quelle integrates two devices in one, combining a Dante-enabled D/A converter and professional 4-channel headphone amp. Perfect for the studio or rehearsal room, it’s suitable for in-ear monitors and headphones, and like the KLANG:quelle 19” it offers latency-free performance.

As music continues to become more and more a part of the modern worship service, doesn’t your congregation deserve the most passionate performances of praise music? Regardless of the size of your band, stage or worship hall, Klang 3D mixing is a sure-fire way to elevate your sonic standards and make every performance rise up!

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