Follow-Me Keeps You In The Spot

The Right Light Wherever You Glow

If you want your message to be moving, often you need to move. Work the stage. Go where the spirit takes you.

But you want your spotlight to follow, smoothly and seamlessly. A jittery spotlight can distract your congregation from the moment. Which is why we’re bringing the Follow-Me Spotlight solution to your attention. Without a product like this remote spot control, you may be leading your audience into the darkness.

Follow-Me is a manual tracking system. There are no sensors or belt-packs involved. Each performer (target) requires an operator and Follow-Me allows each operator to assign unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to their target.

Multiple targets can be tracked from a single machine (Mac). Follow-Me allows full fixture control to be returned to the main lighting console at any time via a control channel. All fixtures patched in Follow-Me can be assigned to any target.

Follow-Me Setup

This spotlight solution is an independent network-based software package that requires no proprietary hardware. Where traditional methods of using truss-mounted follow spots impose costs and rigging implications, Follow-Me offers a cost-saving, quick-to-implement alternative.

Lighting The Stars

You’re in good company when you’re in a Follow-Me spotlight. Some of the world’s top performers rely on this product, including Justin Timberlake, Jason Aldean, Neil Diamond, Shania Twain, Train, Pearl Jam and the popular Christian music group The Newsboys.

LD Chris Lisle Chooses the Follow-Me System for Jason Aldean’s High Noon Neon Tour 

The Newsboys’ Lighting Designer and Production Manager Matthew Brewer swears by the Follow-Me solution. “When some people look at this product they think it’s going to be very time consuming. I don’t find that. Day-to-day, the great thing about this system is that we can get the spotlights homed-in and looking great in no time. The variety of venues we play changes every day, but in about twenty minutes of measurement and calibration, we’re ready to run a show with Follow-Me.”

Throughout the houses of worship market, there’s climbing interest in Follow-Me. Because the production values of a service often can rival a large concert or theater show. Your message deserves that level of power and focus.

Spot The Difference

Follow-Me offers a range of advantages over traditional follow spot usage. Lower labor costs, freedom in fixture positioning, improved follow-spot angles, eliminating loss of seating, offering accurate timing for color bump cues, following performers with gobo effects or color chases.

Follow-Me also solves weight issues on smaller roofs where typical truss seats, including operators are too heavy or deep to implement.

Illuminate The Dark

Stay in the light. Keep your crowd focused on you and your message. Move your audience and make sure that where you lead, the spotlight follows. We’re excited about this product for houses of worship and we are hearing great things from those who have integrated it into their services and events. Learn more about Follow-Me at

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