Upgrade your school year with essential gear for the classroom!

A+ gear to take your school to the head of the class.

Anytime of year is a good time to take stock of the gear in your school. Students who give presentations to their class, perform in a theater group, or are part of a sports team will appreciate an opportunity to be seen and heard. It’s time to “upgrade your school year,” so you can examine what’s working to determine your audio and visual needs.

You can engage students and upgrade facilities with top-selling education gear! So where do you start? Let’s examine a few areas of your school where you can set up the year for success with new and upgraded gear.


classroom_av-16699212.jpgFrom projectors to flat-screen televisions, the type of gear you’ll need in your classroom this year can vary from big to small. Are students in your school sharing their learning with their classmates? A projector and display screen can help spotlight their collaborative creations with the entire class. If teachers are modeling a new strategy for students, a display screen can definitely come in handy. Teachers can show off the steps to solve a math problem, take students through the procedure of a science experiment. Find a full assortment of classroom A/V equipment here

Stadium and Sports Field

sports_outdoors-187343513Although it might be outside the walls of your school building, stadiums and sports fields are definitely in need of audio-visual gear this school year. Broadcast equipment for the press box and speakers for the field are just part of the equation. You’ll want weather-ready equipment for all corners of the field. If your community loves local sports just as much as your students, you might decide to fundraise for new equipment for your sports team to use.

Theatre and Auditorium

theater_auditorium-003039162What type of gear do you have in your school’s’ auditorium? Is your theater program prepared for performances this year? Making sure your equipment is set in all corners of your school building, definitely includes the auditorium. Whether you’re thinking about theater programs or focused on assemblies, this space needs to be ready. From moving lights to loudspeakers and installed and portable speakers, there are lots of choices as you decide how to equip this special space in your building.

Gym Speakers and Sound

gym_sound-499331469Indoor sports require special systems to make sure everyone can hear clearly. Ceiling speakers and megaphones are just part of the setup you’ll want to explore this school year. Sometimes tackling a complete renovation seems too large a task for one semester. This space in your building can benefit from small to large gymnasium A/V upgrades depending on sports you feature at different times of the year.

Music Lab

music_lab_recording-25281798In the music lab this school year you can upgrade your gear to make sure your students have the best quality of sound. From cables to speakers, student musicians need high-quality equipment as they learn to explore new instruments at school. The music lab in your building can benefit from electronic drum kits and digital pianos.

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