How Fender Play is Revolutionizing Guitar Lessons

Are you a beginner guitarist or just out of practice? Been pondering guitar lessons so you can regularly talk to a pro about improving or refreshing your skills, but don’t have the time or funds? Fender Play is what you’ve been waiting for.

Fender’s new online music lesson subscription service is revolutionizing the way that music lessons are taught and delivered in the digital age. The trusted guitar and gear maker rolled out Fender Play as a way to not just get to know your instrument better, but to take advantage of modern technology for ultimate convenience and cognizance of your progress.

Learn and Practice Guitar Anywhere: All You Need is Your Axe and a Smartphone

If you wanted to take lessons in the old days, you were limited to the instructors and venues that happened to be in your area. Despite the numerous benefits of live instruction for playing an instrument, especially when it comes to form, it can be difficult to fit in lessons. Our lives are busier than ever and keeping up with the commitments to attend lessons and practice on your own pose a challenge.

Fender has been around for over 70 years and they never lost their focus on innovation and problem-solving for musicians of all calibers. With Fender Play, you don’t have to be restricted to just one location to stay consistent with your lessons. So long as you have your instrument and an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad with the Fender Play app installed, practicing and going to your next lesson is done in just a few swipes from the comfort of your own home or practice space.

Practice Made Meaningful

Making time to practice requires time and self-discipline. But one of the foremost challenges that comes with practicing is that there’s always that one chord or maneuver you’re having trouble with which makes you feel unprepared for your next lesson, or you don’t know just how much you’re improving without a professional ear to tell you so. It can make you end up putting off practice as a result and not get as much out of the ensuing lessons.

The Fender Play app has an interface designed to keep you motivated. Not only can you practice at your own pace and specifically go over techniques you need extra help with, but there’s also a community of other musicians you can reach out to in addition to your instructor you’ll interact with in real time for step-by-step guidance.

Cost-Effective Guitar Lessons That Don’t Compromise on Quality Professional Instruction

The cost of guitar lessons varies based on where you live, the instructor’s experience and prestige, and if you’re being taught in a studio or they’re coming to your home. But on average, it’s about $25-40 per hour. This definitely adds up quickly if you’re taking weekly lessons. Lessons are an important investment and if you’re serious about improving your skills as a guitarist, the cost might not be that off-putting. But for budget-conscious players, the Fender Play subscription fee for the whole month is a fraction of the cost of just one live lesson.

If you don’t gel well with traditional self-study like books and videos or don’t have the time or budget for regular live instruction, Fender Play is the ideal solution. You don’t just get an app to practice with but you also get an actual live instructor. The experience levels and types of music teachers may vary based on your location, but Fender stands by their vetted instructors. They are professional musicians with diverse backgrounds who have both the passion and patience for teaching music. You have the assurance that any instructor you are working with has passed Fender’s extremely rigorous standards to teach for them and today’s technology enables you to find an instructor who’s the perfect fit for you.

How Fender Play Works

Fender Play brings guitar and ukelele lessons to you. You don’t need to worry about traveling for lessons. Lesson plans are customizable to the genres of music you want to play and songs that are popular right now. You no longer have to worry about whether your teacher has the same taste in music as you or if they’re the only teacher around who can give lessons on your schedule: lessons and practice are designed to be precisely for the music that you’re passionate about and want to learn how to play.

All you need to do is download the Fender Play app and sign up, then create a profile that will help match you with an instructor and the types of lessons and practice exercises that will fit best.

How to Get Started with Fender Play

You can sign up at here and take advantage of the free 30-day trial. You can end your subscription any time within the next 30 days if you decide Fender Play isn’t right for your learning style and needs.

If Fender Play is a good fit for you and you want to continue with your lessons, you will be billed just $9.99 per month once the free trial ends.

Fender Play takes the best of today’s technology and instructor talent to give you a convenient and cost-effective option for both brand new players and guitarists looking to get back into playing. Visit to browse our full selection of Fender guitars and gear to get started!

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