Are Your Wireless Systems at Risk?

The time to replace those old 600 MHz wireless systems is now

Have you been putting off replacing your older 600 MHz wireless systems? You’re not alone. The FCC’s auction of the 600 MHz spectrum for systems such as wireless mics and in-ear monitors means that these wireless systems at greater risk of interference or even complete failure.

Risks of Not Replacing 600 MHz Wireless Systems

The most common issues are ‘popping,’ static, erratic signals, and even loss of transmitted sound. The wave of 600 MHz mobile devices invading these frequencies means time is now of the essence and putting off replacement is no longer an option, even for those in seemingly rural areas. If your 600 MHz wireless microphone or in-ear monitor systems are suddenly prone to issues after years of operation, the mobile device transmissions on this spectrum are likely the cause.

Upgrade to Get Compliant and Stay Safe

The simple solution for smaller wireless systems (10 devices or fewer) is to replace existing systems with a new frequency-agile system from a single manufacturer. In this way, the coordination of frequencies is made much easier due to the manufacturer’s software to manage their own systems and use auto-setup to coordinate multiple wireless devices. In this way, replacing old 600 MHz wireless systems with newer wireless systems makes combining wireless mics, in-ear monitors, intercom stations, and wireless instruments is pretty straightforward right out of the box.

Unsure if you have 600 MHz Wireless Systems?

Our wireless experts are available to review the make and model of any microphone, in-ear monitor system, wireless instrument packs, or any wireless intercom systems to let you know if any of your equipment falls into this now defunct frequency range.

Even if you have existing wireless systems that are not in the 600 MHz spectrum, be sure to check with our wireless experts so that they can help you plan your next purchase to take into consideration the frequencies used by your existing systems as there are other frequency bands at risk for interference as new mobile devices are added to the already crowded frequency space.

Wireless technology can be confusing. We take the time to understand it so you don’t have to.

Call us at 800-356-5844 today for clear, plain-English answers to any questions you might have.

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