Increase Midweek Income with Video

A well-made promotional video is great for your business. You may have fliers, posters and awesome word of mouth. You may have a good website, an awesome presence on Facebook and other social media. Small additions here and there can be the difference maker and indeed one difference maker is certainly the use of videos. Having the right marketing materials, including videos, can help you increase your bottom line and bring in more midweek money.

With a minimum of software invest- ment and not an unreasonable amount of effort, you can create professional-style videos. One reason you need to consider making them is to keep up with technology. Most companies have moved to online promotion, as it is the most effective, wide-reaching and useful tool for marketing. And to be most effective in the online world, you must produce high-quality videos to use on YouTube, Facebook and other social media.


The first thing to consider is whether you can you do it. Making a bad video with poor sound and poor image quality will have the opposite effect of what you want. You need to make an appealing, interesting and professional-looking video. Start looking into software you can use. There are so many skilled video makers out there that it does take a lot to stand out. You don’t need to make THE best video out there, but a video that looks professional and modern. Don’t settle for second best. Even if it costs more to get one made for you, the investment might be worth it.

You have to make sure the production is something simple yet effective. The customer who has watched the video should leave knowing exactly who you are, what you are all about, why you are better than the others and—a fact DJs often overlook—how they can contact you. Without these factors it will fail. Keep production snazzy yet not too fancy, clear not confusing. Keep the video easy to follow and simple to watch. It is good to consider friends and/or family and script out what you want them to do.This controlled environment produces better results and may better represent what you have to offer.

Have you had that incredible game show moment that you wish all your potential clients could have seen? It is a simple thing to get friends and family to recreate the fun and excitement from a previous show. It’s not false advertising; you are merely portraying what prospective clients can expect at their events.

  • Capture players pressing their buzzers, answering questions and having fun. • Show the audience participat- ing and laughing.
  • Have a testimonial or two from past trivia clients. • Show winners receiving prizes.

Your video needs to be short, sweet and to the point. It is good to have two types of videos: The full-length version and the shortened website version. If the website video is anything over about 40 seconds, it may negatively affect people who view it. Basically, a 40 second video makes them want to see more. Then you can provide a link for the longer version. The longer version should not exceed three minutes in length. You need to make sure you keep the attention span of people focused on your product. You need to get the message across quickly and clearly. Don’t overload them with information or go into too much detail. Don’t repeat and repeat and don’t let the video drag on.


It is no good making a video if you then don’t make the effort to get it out there. You need to make sure it gets seen by adding it to social media. Put it dead center on your homepage. You should even have it running on screens at your events when people are coming in, with the permission of the booking client, of course. Just sticking it on YouTube and hoping people will see it will never work. Send it out in emails, promote it on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t be afraid to show people you have a good product.

This message about making a pro- motional video is as loud and clear as I can make it: Try it! People in this day and age have short attention spans and do not want to read long paragraphs, Heck…I will be shocked if you are still reading this. They want something that sticks out and uses modern technology. It shows you care; the fact that you are making the effort shows you are serious. It shows professionalism.

Put it in the right places, on the right kind of channels, market it well, and you will see it makes a difference. It’s a good selling tool for you and speaks volumes.

What are you waiting for? Get that video produced today and start increasing your business.

By Rob Johnson

 Originally published in Mobile Beat issue #169 – link to

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